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Commitment is an exclusionary process

https://brightlineeating.com/2016/12/commitment-is-an-exclusionary-process I love watching Susan’s weekly vlog. I love her authenticity, her perspective, and the vibrant energy she’s sending through my screen. This time round, I love her topic too. Not to mention that her story made me emotional too, haha. “When you commit to something, by definition, there’re other things you can’t do.” –… Continue reading Commitment is an exclusionary process

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Reviews on Market/Bazaars for pastries

I’ve done a couple of flea markets with Fleawhere. Their website is the easiest to use, compared to all the other market/bazaar organisers, and the easiest to read and get info about the flea markets. I couldn’t find my flea market booking history from my vendor account, probably because my paid membership expired and I… Continue reading Reviews on Market/Bazaars for pastries