Farmers’ Market @ Loewen Gardens

I went to theΒ Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens on 11 Feb 2017. It was held 9am – 2pm. Prior to the market, my fiance met Renton from Hcook during an event, who warned that this marketΒ might be bad (as in, “Let’s do some damage control” kind of bad). It turned outΒ great for me! Β It was… Continue reading Farmers’ Market @ Loewen Gardens

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Reviews on Market/Bazaars for pastries

I’ve done a couple of flea markets with Fleawhere. Their website is the easiest to use, compared to all the other market/bazaar organisers, and the easiest to read and get info about the flea markets. I couldn’t find my flea market booking history from my vendor account, probably because my paid membership expired and I… Continue reading Reviews on Market/Bazaars for pastries

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Plan ahead for festive seasons!

The title is with an exclamation mark because it warrants one. I didn’t plan far ahead enough and am left scrambling looking for markets/fairs/bazaars to join for Christmas. Most of them have already been fully booked. (Tanjong Pagar Railway Station slipped through my fingers… nooooooo…. *sob*) Either that or end of year bazaars have to… Continue reading Plan ahead for festive seasons!