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Wow, it’s been so long since I updated. Just wanna add a few quick notes about using Shopify:


  • It’s been so much easier automating payment collection!!! No more MIA customers who “order” then disappear, leaving me hanging on whether to bake or not.
  • So much better to have a cart, not so messy πŸ˜€
  • Plus, in order for customers to check out, they must key in their phone number and address. I don’t have to chase them for the info
  • Able to use Sweet Tooth loyalty point app. Not sure if it really helps with the loyalty, though, hahaha (I mean, most of my customers didn’t even redeem their points)
  • Of course, you look more pro with a website πŸ™‚
  • Shopify is relatively easy to customise and change the codes for
  • Shopify has some really good tips in their newsletters (free for anyone) for boosting your sales


  • Shopify cannot merge customer accounts. Once your customer make a typo on their email account, it will be deemed as a separate customer and you cannot link their order (and their loyalty points) to their original account FOREVER!!! Very frustrating. On their forums, the Shopify Gurus kept saying they will work on this customer account merging feature but never did for years.
    • I read that BigCommerce can do this, though. 😦
  • Shopify is meant for dropshipping or mass-production retailers. If you manufacture on demand like me, it gets messy trying to manage your orders according to their fulfillment dates instead of their order placement dates.
    • e.g. customer A orders on 1 Jul and wants the cake on 14 Jul. Meanwhile, another customer B orders on 2 Jul and wants the cake on 5 Jul. Another customer C orders on 3 Jul and wants something on 10 Jul. The orders will be arranged according to their order placement dates, (A, B, C) and you cannot rearrange them by fulfillment dates (B, C, A). You will need a separate way to record and arrange your orders.

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