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I have to say, Shopify’s Facebook integration was disappointing.

So, I have come to a point where I need a shopping cart to automate the buying process, so that I don’t have to go back and forth with people asking for bank transfers. It was seriously a waste of time.

I thought I just need a shopping cart, not a website, so Shopify Lite seemed perfect. That is, until I started integrating it with my Facebook page.

Upon integration, my Facebook shop disappeared. Gulps. I quickly added my products in Shopify and, after a couple of agonising hours, the products appeared on Facebook. (The wait is due to Facebook’s checks to ensure the shop products meet their requirements.)

After that, I tried making changes to my products, organising them into categories. After waiting for 6 hours, I contacted Shopify’s support chat. The support staff agreed it’s not a normal delay time.

We tried EVERYTHING to fix it. Resyncing it, checking that the collections are visible on Facebook channel, checking all my Facebook page settings, escalating the matter to Shopify’s development team, etc. Nothing worked.

Finally, the development team republished my shop from their end. It showed up correctly on Facebook page.

And then, when I added new products, modified existing products, the changes don’t get reflected on Facebook again. I contacted Shopify’s support chat again but they insisted it must be the delay time for syncing with Facebook. Even though it has been hours. And they know it’s not a normal delay time.

Another major drawback is that customers have to check out one item by one item. Because I didn’t have a website and catalog, there is no “Add to Cart” function. What a terrible inconvenience! *insert horror emoticon* It would definitely prevent people from buying more. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a Facebook limitation, not Shopify’s, so there’s really nothing to be done about it, haha.

Oh wells. I ended up upgrading to a Basic Plan on Shopify and have a full catalog for people to browse, add to cart, and checkout. Also, I got a loyalty program called “Sweet Tooth” that helps to collate points for customers to redeem cash coupons. So much easier to keep track now. 🙂


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