Farmers’ Market @ Loewen Gardens

I went to the Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens on 11 Feb 2017. It was held 9am – 2pm.

Prior to the market, my fiance met Renton from Hcook during an event, who warned that this market might be bad (as in, “Let’s do some damage control” kind of bad).

It turned out great for me!  It was exactly my target audience, hehe. (Maybe also because they changed their marketing manager and got a bit more popular.) Not many people there, (definitely no crowd,) but most people there are on gluten & dairy-free diet. I don’t even have to explain what “Paleo” means as they knew.

There’s a ballet school and a cafe there. I only saw 2 kids in ballet costume, though. And there’s free parking, hahaha.

A big plus point is that all stalls are sheltered under a huge tent so even the walkways are sheltered. Even if it rains, it wouldn’t affect the shoppers (unlike those markets where only the stall is sheltered).

The visitors there are mainly ang mohs (maybe expat community?) and their families. Vendors there include organic veggies, olive oil, australian beef (they’re a subscription delivery biz but also served meatballs during the market), vegan chocolate, eco-friendly soap, some… handicraft thingy.

I’d say you can’t sell mass market stuff since there’s no crowd (I shared a booth with a thai milk tea vendor but they barely covered cost ) but healthy stuff should do well.  Many people asked about the milk tea but some were on dairy-free diet so milk is out of bounds for them.

I also blasted through my emails and social media for people to preorder. This helped greatly. In fact, slightly more than half of my sales for that day was through preorders. 😉 Not sure if it’s due to the location (which isn’t actually good if you don’t drive). But then again, many of the preorders were from my friends, hehe. 😛


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