Bazaar @ NUS Central Library Lobby

NUS Central Library Lobby is a sad ghost of its former glory days. Everyone is at UTown now.

Barely anybody walked past. There were some students studying at the raised platforms above the lobby but they weren’t interested. It also rained that day and most people walked at level 4 (the separate buildings are connected by a walkway on level 4) so even less people came down to the lobby (level 1).

I think hipster foods at student prices will sell well in schools.

The Thai milk tea vendor beside me sold their drinks at just $2/bottle was doing quite well. They were smart! Β They placed a big chalkboard at lift landings to draw people to their booth. They also brought a cooler box of their drinks and walked around the building to sell to students studying along walkways.

With that said, I got lucky and attracted a pair of NUS staff. They happened to be looking for goodie bag items and placed an order after the market. So yea! Don’t be demoralised even if the market was bad coz you really never know!


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