Following the success of my guessing game, I created a giveaway for my next cake to be launched. I asked people to tell me why they wanted the cake.

It was a dud.

No idea why, perhaps people got bored, but I only collected 9 more new subscribers. (Most of the entries came from those who already subscribed. Kudos for still trying, though. :)) Nobody referred any friends.

Engagement rate on Facebook was ok, and Instagram followers still grew ratherΒ healthily. (By the way, I have more Facebook likes than Instagram followers as most of my Facebook likers are my personal friends, while most of my Instagram followers are strangers. I think that Instagram has the potential to be more powerful and far-reaching than Facebook, probably due to the hashtags.)

I was puzzled as it was pretty much theΒ same strategy. Imma try to break it down now:

  • The guessing game and this giveaway were spaced to closely together. In fact, the giveaway was right after the guessing game ended.
  • Less people shared my posts as they have already helped before, and I’m sure people wouldn’t want their feed to be cluttered with contests and giveaways week after week.
  • Writing an open-ended (reason for wanting cake) is much harder than simply thinking of a name

I have no idea why nobody referred any friends, though, as every friend referred gives them 10 more chances of winning. Let me know if you have any other ideas, haha.


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