How I made my comeback

It has been a month since I relaunched Bakening. Let me recount some steps I took.

Ever since the PPAP song came out, I’ve been hearing all kind of jokes aboutΒ what you get when you have a pen and something else.

And pen made me think of pan. As in, baking pan. Occupational hazard, haha.

So I came up with a cake named Apple Pan, created a game for people to guess the name to win a free cake, and imagined it would go viral. It didn’t, lol.


BUT, it still gave me a small victory.

In 1 week:

  • Mailing list more than doubled, from 42 to 103. πŸ˜€
    (Afterwards, only 3 unsubscribed, which is waaaay lower than expected of such games.)
  • Facebook likes increased from 388 to 400.
    (I have been stagnating for the longest time.)
  • Instagram followers increased from approx. 290+ to 320+.
    (I forgot to keep track. :P)

How I did it without any ads:

  • I used Short Stack and paid for a 1 monthΒ Starter plan. Short Stack letsΒ me to reward participants who refer friends to join the game and the Starter plan allows me to see who referred. It also allows me to integrate the game entry form with my mailing list provider, Mail Chimp (highly recommended for biz that are just starting up!).
  • The game ran from 1 Dec 2016 (my relaunch date) to 7 Dec.
  • I created and scheduledΒ posts on Facebook to be published every 2 days or so.
  • I manually posted on Instagram (why no scheduling!!) accordingly.
  • My friends were extremely supportive and helped to share my Facebook posts even without me asking. ❀
    (I usually get a reach of 200+ to 300+ without any sharing or comments,Β but my 1st post announcing the game reached 1569 people.)
  • Because I love to give surprised, I gave out 2 free cakes instead of 1. πŸ™‚ The 2nd cake went to someone with the funniest name for the cake.
  • I also followed up with participants by giving them 10% discounts for the cake + discounts for referring friends.

I know Facebook is trying very hard to monetise the platform and ads will become more and more relevant in future. Heck, I might have quadrupled my mailing list if I did ads. But… I don’t know, I kinda wanna do it the organic way, like how I like my cake, haha. Perhaps I’ll keep going like this until I hit a plateau.

Total spent:

  • Short Stack Starter plan: SGD42.55 (USD29)
  • 2 Apple Pan cakes

This total spent can be considered as my marketing costs. If you’re doing this as well, you’ll need to calculate how many products you need to sell in order to break even. This helps you to see if you are hitting your goals and if the contest is worth doing. πŸ™‚



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