spiritual health

Commitment is an exclusionary process


I love watching Susan’s weekly vlog. I love her authenticity, her perspective, and the vibrant energy she’s sending through my screen. This time round, I love her topic too. Not to mention that her story made me emotional too, haha.

“When you commit to something, by definition, there’re other things you can’t do.” – Justin Livingston

Every time you commit to something, you’re blocking out a lot of other things. It’s called opportunity cost. And an entrepreneur has to learn to manage his opportunity costs wisely. Every project you take up uses up your time and energy, and prevents you from doing something else, be it another project or spending time with your loved ones. Every “yes” equals to a bunch of “noes”. Pick your yeses carefully.

I learn so much from this woman every time. Amazing, really. 🙂


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