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Reviews on Market/Bazaars for pastries

I’ve done a couple of flea markets with Fleawhere. Their website is the easiest to use, compared to all the other market/bazaar organisers, and the easiest to read and get info about the flea markets.

I couldn’t find my flea market booking history from my vendor account, probably because my paid membership expired and I reverted to a free vendor account. My dates and details may not be wholly accurate.

National Museum of SG
Saturday, 8 Aug 2015
6pm – 11pm
Location: In this indoor space with ceiling-to-floor glass (haha don’t know how to describe this space)

My first flea market! I was scrambling for ideas to decorate my table at the last minute, haha. Tables are first-come-first-serve, so you have to go early to get the one positions. Setup time is 1h before the flea starts. When I first arrived at the start of setup time, most of the tables were already taken up. Only tables all the way back (furthest from staircase) were still empty.

After a while, though, the organisers came with more tables. I hurried over to the new tables, which were nearer to the entrance, hehe. This probably helped with the sales.

Crowd was not very good. I can’t remember how much I sold but I don’t think I covered the rent. It was only at the end of the flea duration, close to 11pm, that a huge crowd came up from the basement. Apparently, there was a movie screening there. The movie goers left quickly and most weren’t interested in the flea market.

SG Flyer
Sunday, 9 Aug 2015
12:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: At this sheltered area near the Flyer ticketing booth

This time round, there were still many empty tables when I came to set up. I had no idea which one to take, haha. In the day, there were many Chinese tourists and not . The crowd was also just ok but mostly seated in front of a huge screen, watching the National Day Parade. It was a typically warm day and I don’t suppose people were looking to eat healthy cupcakes? haha. I think barely covered rent that day.

ORTO (ex Bottle Tree Park)
Sunday, 6 Sep 2015
2:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: On the slope behind the restaurants

The best sellers there? Coconuts and ice cream. Honestly, it was so hot there, and it wasn’t just the weather. The stalls were lined up behind the restaurants’ back-of-house, where their kitchen ventilators blew hot air out.

Nope, people didn’t want cake.

The thing is, I checked out their flea market at ORTO previously before I took up this round. Prior to this, the flea market was held at the big concrete space in front of the restaurants and a single huge tent was erected in that space, so both the vendors and the market goers were sheltered. That made me think this flea would be good. Who knew they’d change to a silly slope with small individual tents that sheltered only the vendors the next time round. :/

Chijmes Christmas Market
Friday, 11 Dec 2015
6pm – 9:30pm
Location: The Lawn

I shared a table with a friend. Both of us were selling pastries (mine is Paleo, hers is without refined sugar).

The crowd was ok, receptive to cakes. Perhaps due to the festivity going on around the compound (which is beautiful at night :)). Some friends dropped by too, probably due to the good after-work location, haha. It was the first time I managed to sell all my pastries, not counting the display set.

Other Notes

Things that sell best are always drinks. Any drink that is chilled, ice, cold is a hot (lol) favourite. Singaporeans are a thirsty bunch, haha.

All my pastries had to be kept chilled, which is a hassle to bring out. I had to bring huge cooler bags and numerous blocks of ice (made by freezing bottles of water).

My setup deco was also heavy: banner, steel poles (to hang the banner), porcelain cake stand. I’ll have to look into bringing other light, non-breakable things in future.

As my pastries require a bit of consumer education, I always talk to my visitors and pass them my name card. I find that my online sales after flea markets are always slightly better. Sometimes, I’d even clinch a deal during the flea. I also love making that human connection with my customers.

So there you have it, my experience with flea markets specific to selling healthy, not-so-pretty-looking pastries.

Keep hustling! 😉


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