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I’m beginning to think that joining forums brings higher risks than benefits. Forums are where dramas breed, and fights can escalate quickly.

Not that I have gotten into any fights; I’m wary that I’m risking my business reputation when I chat using my business name and talk about my products openly. So far, nobody has been interested in my cakes anyway. As much as I wish to join in health discussions and bring research-based articles to the table, I still may not come across as genuine due to my obvious business agenda. If people are angsty, they may even ask their friends to leave 1 star reviews on my page, like how 600+ people left 1 stars on some poor property agent’s page when it was thought that she ran over a dog.

Plus, there’s this super weird mod on Singapore Expats. He/She likes to leave cryptic messages (or warnings?) on everyone’s threads, like “tic… toc… tic… toc…” without even saying anything meaningful. Lol like, what do you want??? I tried telling that mod through private message that his/her link to the anti-spam guidelines is broken but the mod never bothered to reply or fix the link. And still goes around leaving warnings. Um, right.

Anyway, I’m not gonna beat a dead horse. Another way of marketing I’ve thought of is distributing flyers. Again, I’d need to focus and try to narrow down my target audience to people more likely to have higher disposable income: private properties dwellers. I know, some might be tied down paying their mortgage loans, but it’s probably better than trying to distribute my flyers to everyone in Singapore, right? Mine is not a mass market is business.

Initially, I thought of simply throwing my name cards into their mailboxes. Then, I thought it’s better if I showed them a photo of my cake, since everyone told me the photos look great. 🙂

I’m still waiting for my flyers to be sent from (I did offset printing, 105gsm, A6, 5000 copies, $74, free delivery) next week. They state on their website that since they’re a budget printing company (they’re really super cheap), it is understood that you won’t be getting tip-top quality. If you’re picky, they ask that you go to another company. Makes me kinda worried about how the flyers will turn out. XD


Added in a 10% discount just to be able to track its effectiveness. (Always track your marketing ROI!!)

After I sent this for printing, though, I realised that there was no way I’m getting these people onto my mailing list too. Damns. I’m pretty stuck on this one.

And I realised most people understand “flourless” better than “gluten-free” or “grain-free”. I needed to try out different copies, and should have printed just 3000 flyers instead. 😛

Update: I received my flyers later that day. It was only the 3rd day since I made payment and the quality is good! Highly recommend!


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