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Aaaand it’s a no go. :(

TGIF Bazaars promised me a good booth location and asked me to submit the kitchen’s NEA license. I then went back to The Baking Studio to get their license.

Turns out, they’re not a licensed kitchen. O_O

They’re only suitable for private baking sessions and workshops. Say what?? What’s the point?! Why would anyone pay so much to rent a kitchen just to bake for fun? You could have used the rent to buy decent equipment.

So, TGIF saved me, actually. If they asked for the license after I have paid, I’d be in trouble. Plus, I would have signed up for The Baking Studio’s December promo and bought 10 hours in advance, and not know what to do with the remaining hours.

All the other licensed kitchens were fully booked, though, so I won’t be able to participate in their Sentosa Boardwalk Bazaar this Christmas. :/


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