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Plan ahead for festive seasons!

The title is with an exclamation mark because it warrants one.

I didn’t plan far ahead enough and am left scrambling looking for markets/fairs/bazaars to join for Christmas. Most of them have already been fully booked. (Tanjong Pagar Railway Station slipped through my fingers… nooooooo…. *sob*) Either that or end of year bazaars have to be taken up per week or per month, and I cannot find the manpower to do so. Also, December is a month of gatherings and weddings (I attended 2 weddings this month), all on weekends, so I’m hardly left with any good dates for setting up shop. :/

After scouring the net endlessly for 2 days, I finally landed on TGIF bazaar for Christmas Day. No idea how good the turnout will be, since most people going to Sentosa are tourists and party-goers, less likelyΒ to be interested in healthy desserts. Hoping very hard that some Sentosa Covers will find the mood to walk to Vivocity instead of drive, hahaha.

As TGIF now rents only whole booths with 2 tables, I had to find someone else to share the booth with. (They previously rented half booths.) I’m still awaiting confirmation from TGIF before paying as they need to curate the products I’m selling. I don’t even know if the remaining booth locations suck, haha. I read a review that booth 43 sucks due to the slopes/travelators; booth 29 is still ok.

Also, I’ll need to rent a kitchen space. From what I can see, IncuBaker is fully booked during the Christmas period. Thankfully, The Baking Studio is available butΒ I’m gonna have to see if I get a good booth location first. :/

Oh wells, time to look to Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day now, I guess!


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