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To be honest, I can’t remember how IΒ started Bakening back in Nov 2014. All I know is, until now, I feel this deep knowing inside me that I’m meant to do something more fulfilling, purposeful, meaningful.

Yes, I am one of those annoying millennials that think about my life’s purpose on a regular basis.

Since my uni days, I have been obsessed passionate about health and nutrition. I started off by jumping onto the low-fat bandwagon, then semi-vegetarian and, after reading up more and more on other health blogs and articles backed by research papers, came to simply believe in eating real food (which Paleo diet resembles the most, in my opinion).

I also picked up baking. It began as little treats with my mum, failing and trying chiffon cakes over and over again. Soon enough, my interest in health overlapped with baking and I went through so many experimental bakes that I filled notebook after notebook with my trials written down.

Anyway, Bakening started off as a glimmer of hope. πŸ™‚ It was more like a hobby, and I didn’t do much marketing for it. There was a period of time where I didn’t get any orders for months and that was ok. I was busy with my full-time job.

I started a website, a free one at first, using wix, before moving to using a custom domain.

Then, with a wicked twist of fate, I got into a partnership in Mar 2016. I also left my job in Jul 2016 as I had plans to do freelance design work. Long story short, the partnership was awful. I exited on 30 Nov 2016.

I got up andΒ dusted myself, and got Bakening back on track. πŸ™‚ It has been an exciting 2 weeks since. While my previous domain name has been taken, I also realised there are so many successful businesses out there without a website. I shall grow this like a little seedling and shower it with lots of tender loving care. Who knows, maybe I will grow a giant beanstalk and go beyond the clouds. ❀


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